My name is Caitlin Howell, and I'm currently a senior at Kennesaw State University studying nursing. College has been a growing opportunity for me, and God has led me down paths I would have never imagined. Freshman year I became involved with Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ). The Lord has used this ministry to help me grow in my faith, to give me a purpose and an outlet to share my faith. I have become very involved with this ministry by serving as a Bible study leader this past year. Also, I was able to go to Quito, Ecuador on my first mission trip in December 2016 which opened my heart to the mission field.

Since my trip to Ecuador, I have been excited about future opportunities to share God’s love and serve others. Consequently, I was thrilled when presented with the opportunity to go to Haiti on a medically based mission trip with Revolution Church located in Canton, Georgia. I have been attending and serving in the children’s ministry at Revolution Church for 2.5 years now with my family and friends from Cru at KSU.

This one week trip to Haiti with Revolution Church is partnered with Haiti Cheri where we will be involved in various ministry projects, including support for our clinic in Cap-Haitien, rural mobile medical clinics, street evangelism, and other projects in support of local churches. I have an interest in combining nursing with medical and evangelistic mission work as a career in the future, therefore, I became ecstatic when given the opportunity to attend this trip. I passionately want to fulfill the desire God has placed on my heart to taste His goodness outside of the United States and to share that goodness with others while providing medical care.

As you might imagine, raising the necessary funds will be one of the biggest steps of faith in preparation for this trip. I need a total of $1475 which includes ground transportation, food and living expenses, and taxes charged by the Haitian government. Additionally, I must pay for airfare, resulting in a cost of around $2175. Would consider joining me in this journey through prayer and/or monetary support? Anything you find significant is a blessing.
I appreciate your prayers as I seek to follow the Lord by participating in this short-term summer mission trip. Thank you for considering partnering with me to help reach people for Christ in Haiti!

Caitlin Howell

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”
-Psalm 34:8

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