Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Recalling my first trip to Haiti still blows my mind. I had wanted to attend a mission trip since I had first heard of Haiti Cheri back when the earthquake hit. I assumed the trip was extremely out of my budget so I never really gave it much attention. That is until the one day I asked specifically how much the trip was. I was rather impressed that it was far less than my six or eight thousand dollar estimate. So I half heartedly told God that if he had put the trip on my mind then I would go if he could provide a way. Just a few weeks later I had received a ton of support and donations. Within a few months of saying "yes" I had completely met the goal for the October 2015 trip. I was dumbfounded to say the least. I could feel a cosmic chest sticking out from the LORD. He did exactly what the Bible claims he does when we trust him.
Fast forward 9 months from that trip and life looked completely different. I had been fired from a job I hated but stuck through to try and obey God. God had answered a prayer by sending me to a different company and a completely different career path. This job was actually great. Selling roofs for the best roofing company in the South East US. Our GM at the time always pushed us to achieve great things unlike the former company that pushed people away from greatness. The GM challenged us to write a goal on a black wall for the year. Mine: To have my wife stay at home with kids, and to return to Haiti again. Seemed lofty but I believed God could do it.
By the end of the year my wife was officially a stay at home mom! But looking at the wall I felt like I still missed the mark. It was November and Haiti was far from being on the radar. As I shared the shortcoming with a friend they asked why I wasn't going. My response was a quick, "I can't afford it!" They replied, "How did you afford it last time?" I then explained the glorious story of how Christ led so many to donate to get me there. And their response was amazing, "Why don't you just take the same approach? Plan on going and if God gets you there, you go." Again, dumbfounded I stood almost laughing at myself. Of course that was what I was to do. If God gave me the desire to do his work in Haiti, why on earth would I not give him my "yes" and just trust he would come through. A quick resurrection of a GoFundMe account, and a couple of social media posts later and God began his typical work. Donations began pouring in and by the month of the January I was set to return to Haiti for the January 2017 trip.
That's really just normal, Biblical actions of the LORD. The crazy part was in the mission briefing I was told the trip was going to be a different one. No mobile medical missions into the villages, this one was purely to do work on the clinic. Specifically, to build a roof... Remember when I said I was a roofer?
Yea, that's the God we worship. One who will send you on 100 trips. Just be ready.

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